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Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine

Get your wet umbrellas wrapped in few seconds in a Bio-degradable bag.

In the monsoon season, wet floor due to dripping wet umbrellas is a common concern in large commercial premises, malls, corporate offices, hospitals, schools etc. The wet and slippery floor can result in slips and hurtful falls. It also reduces productivity of your staff and increases maintenance costs. All this adversely impacts your business image.

Our “Made in India” umbrella wrapping machine “LOBBY”helps you to GET THE WET UMBRELLAS WRAPPED IN JUST FEW SECONDS IN A BIODEGRADABLE BAG!!  The machines are increasingly being used across hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, banks etc. Our key goal is to ensure safety and cleanliness across all our client locations. 

Key Advantages

  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Dry floor - increases Safety -   fewer slips and accidents
  • Enhances your business image

Key Features

  • Zero electricity, easy to use
  • Maintenance-free
  • Appropriate for both long and short umbrella
  • 100% Bio-Degradable wrapping Bags
  • Holds upto 1000 bags; Easy to refill
  • Make – Mild steel with powder coating, so rust free
  • Handles and wheels at the back; Easily movable
  • 6 months warranty

Product Variants